Innovative 3-Axis Gimbal

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Innovative 3-Axis Gimbal

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Professional Quality Video at an Affordable Price

Say goodbye to shaky or blurry video footage with a pioneering new smartphone gimbal. Anyone with a smartphone is now a videographer and photographer, and sharing creations on social media is now second-nature.

However, shooting stable videos or photos with handheld smartphones is almost impossible.
The CobraXtremeHD M1 with its 3-axis stabilizer was created to solve this issue and give any smartphone
user the ability to master cinematography at an affordable cost, instead of investing in expensive professional filming equipment.

  • Unique design allows for super quick startup and use, no need for rebalancing every time after initial setup
  • Intelligent follow just point the device in the direction you want to shoot
  • ​Many shooting angles horizontal, portrait, under slung
  • Highly portable design, folds up and collapses for easier carry
  • Highly durable device, throw it in your bag without worry
  • Wireless firmware updates through the Snoppa App
  • Keep using the device even while recharging the battery through the micro USB port

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Different follow modes Pan (only pan no tilt), Omni-directional (pan and tilt), Lock (set camera facing and device will always face that direction)

  • Quickly switch the angle by grabbing phone and positioning it to the facing you want
  • Great for live streaming, stable and clear video while always pointing at your face
  • Can be used with our without the Snoppa App giving greater flexibility


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