I’m not able to connect to the mobile application.

1. Make sure that your mobile device is connected to the wifi repeater. (Repeater wifi hotspot always

appears as AEE_AP followed by a unique 5-digit number, this hotspot name is labeled on the back of

your wifi repeater.)

2. If you are receiving an “incorrect password” error when entering the default “12345678” password for the

wifi repeater, try “00000000” (eight zeroes) password.

3. Make sure you are connecting to the correct mobile application, details below:

AEE APP: For Ap10  

AEE Action Camera APP (S51 – S71 Series)  

AEE APP for AP10 Pro and AP11

AEE Action Camera APP (S60 Plus and S71T Plus) 

My Shipment is Lost

If your shipment is lost; contact a customer service representative at (214) 471-9911.  We will respond within 24 hours.